Spaghetti and MEETballs with Zucchini Noodles – Raw / Vegan


16 oz     raw Almonds (soaked pealed)

3 oz      sun dried Tomatoes

1/4 cup   raw Sunflower Seeds

1 Tbsp    fresh Rosemary

1 tspn     Sea-Salt

2 cloves  Garlic

2 Tbsp     CamelinaGold oil

1 Tbsp     CamelinaGold seeds (soaked in 2 tbsp H2o)

1/8 tspn   Turmeric

Process until binds together…add splash H2o if needed…

use small ice cream scoop to portion size…

and roll into tight balls…Dehydrate for 5 hours at 105*f…

use spirilizer to make zucchini noodles…



3 large    Heirloom Tomatoes

1 clove   Garlic

1 oz         sun dried Tomatoes

2 Tbsp    combo- Rosemary/Basal

SeaSalt to taste and black pepper

*Submitted by Robert Krause, Portland OR