Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy With Camelina Pet Oil

by Curtis Greenwald on Jan 17, 2024

Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy With Camilina Pet Oil

Our furry friends bring so much joy into our lives. As pet owners, we want to provide them with the best possible nutrition to keep them energized, healthy, and living their best lives. One supplement that has amazing benefits for dogs and cats is camelina pet oil. In this blog, we’ll explore why this omega-rich oil should be part of your pet's routine.

What is Camelina Pet Oil?

camelina pet oil is a 100% natural health supplement made from cold-pressed camelina oil seeds grown in the USA. It contains no fillers, additives or solvents. Camelina oil provides the ideal balance of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that are essential for your pet’s vitality and wellbeing. It also packs a powerful dose of vitamin E as a natural antioxidant. Camelina oil is scientifically shown to reduce inflammation, ease joint pain, benefit respiratory health, and boost immunity, energy, mobility, and more in pets. The same oil that offers wonderful nutrition for horses also works beautifully for our furry companions.

Why Use Pet Oil Supplements?

While a quality dog or cat food tries to provide balanced nutrition, it still often lacks adequate fatty acids and vitamin levels required for peak health over the long term. This is where a supplement like camelina pet oil steps in, offering concentrated omegas and antioxidants to fill nutrient gaps and keep your pet thriving in all life stages from kitten to senior cat or puppy to elderly dog. Daily oil supplementation supports their joint health, skin/coat, heart function, brain development, and overall vitality.

Benefits of Camelina Pet Oil

Regularly adding camelina oil to your cat or dog’s diet provides outstanding nutrition leading to:

  • Anti-inflammatory support
  • Pain relief from arthritis and sore joints
  • Allergy and respiratory aid
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Muscle repair and performance
  • Immune defense against illness
  • Better digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Shinier, healthier skin and coat
  • Higher energy levels

Tips for Using Pet Oil

The best way to incorporate pet oil is to mix it right into your pet’s wet or dry food at meal times. The packaging provides handy dosing guidelines based on your pet’s size. To encourage picky eaters, try warming the oil slightly to release more aroma. Cats may initially resist the new taste, but will quickly adapt once the oil becomes part of their routine.

Camelina Gold

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Pet Oil

Adding a daily dose of camelina pet oil to your furry friend's diet is simple with these methods:

  1. Mix into Kibble: Pour the full dosage right over dry kibble allowing it to coat evenly before serving. The oil helps moisten the food which many pets appreciate.

  1. Stir into Canned Food: For pets eating wet canned meals or raw food, spoon out a portion and gently fold in the full supplement dose. This ensures the oil incorporates instead of pooling.

  1. Add to Treats: Soak treats like biscuits or dried liver bits briefly in the oil which can help entice picky animals to eat.

  1. Fill K puzzle Toys: Stuff a portion or your pet's full daily dosage inside puzzle feeders or Kongs. They'll eagerly lick out the tasty oil as they play!

  1. Feed by Spoon: If your pet refuses mixed oil, try offering just a half dose poured onto a spoon. Once swallowed, follow with the rest. Offer praise and pets for cooperation!

Be patient finding which approach works for your unique animal. Over time, adding camelina pet oil will become an accepted part of their feeding routine they look forward to each day. Consistency is key, as is making the oil introduction a positive experience they associate with enjoyment.

Camalina Gold

Why Choose Camelina Gold?

When researching pet oil supplements, shop smart by going with camelina from Camelina Gold. Their camelina oil is made only using US-grown seeds for quality and safety you can trust. It is also very affordable compared to other premium pet oils but still human-grade. Camelina Gold offers both outstanding nutrition and great value for your cherished companions.

Give your cats and dogs the vital omega nutrition they need with camelina pet oil today! By caring for your pets inside and out, they will enjoy good health and stay by your side for years to come.


  • What is pet oil for dogs, and how does it help?
  • Pet oil for dogs is a supplement made from natural oils like fish or hemp. It helps support their overall well-being, promoting a shiny coat, joint health, and a calm demeanor.

  • How do I give pet oil to my dog?
  • You can add pet oil to your dog's food or place a few drops directly in their mouth. It's an easy and tasty way to ensure they get the benefits without any fuss.

  • Is pet oil safe for all dogs?
  • Generally, yes. However, it's always best to consult with your vet to ensure it suits your dog's specific needs and doesn't interfere with any existing medications or conditions.

  • Can I use pet oil daily for my dog?
  • Yes, in moderation. Daily use can provide continuous health benefits, but it's essential to follow the recommended dosage based on your dog's size and consult with your vet for personalized advice.