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Camelina Gold Oil has a pleasing aroma, unique flavor, many versatile uses, and outstanding health benefits.

Camelina: Heart-Healthy Oil that Lowers Cholesterol…..



US News & World Report published an article on January 19, 2018 with findings from a study by University of Eastern Finland that found people who ate a diet with camelina oil had a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels.  See the whole article at Camelina: the Heart-Healthy Oil You’ve Never Heard Of

The study was originally published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Find other information on the nutritional properties of camelina oil along with additional details on the process we use to extract the oil from the seed…

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Health benefits and that great Camelina Gold taste. See available products and shop online…

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There are great uses for Camelina Gold oil and seed are in the Recipes Page

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