Posts made in April, 2013

Camelina Oil Benefits

Camelina oil contains an abundant amount of omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, Camelina Gold oil is made up of about 35% omega 3’s.  It is relatively low in omega 6 fatty acids, resulting in a favorable omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of 2:1. This oil is very unique because it is perfectly suited for an omega-3 supplement and it makes excellent cooking oil.  The monounsaturated fat in the oil provides for a smoke point of 475 degrees.  Packed with natural antioxidants (like Vitamin E),  Camelina Gold also has a  shelf life of 18-24...

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Camelina Gold Fatty Acid Profile

In November of 2011, we worked with the University of Idaho to analyze Camelina Gold. The results (below) highlight the quality of the product we’re proud to deliver to our customers  If you have any questions about the study or the results don’t hesitate to let us...

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Camelina Oil in Human Consumption

We wanted to share a recent presentation from Curt on “Camelina Oil in Human Consumption.” The full presentation can be viewed here.  Plenty of good information and insight is provided on these slides.  Here are five of our favorites. Iron Age-Cultivation (400 B.C-500 A.D) of camelina doubles in Europe as a source of edible oil. Camelina is emerging as a “new crop” today in America Winter and disease resistant crop make suitable for Pacific Northwest (Ritzville, WA) High Vitamin E content 2:1 ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s Enjoy, and please feel free to contact us with...

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